The Colymar Campaign

Stealing the Hands

Later, after the banquet, the key to the treasury is stolen, the Hands recovered, and a chase through the palace as Orlfin is spotted returning the key.

Once out of Boldholm, a meeting with Brandaun gives peace between suitors and clans. Then the Hands are given to Ernulsulva.

The second quest is received – Recover the sword Wrath from the Upland Marsh

King Kangharl is not happy

Meeting Temertain and Fazzur

Arrested after the duel, Heorting and friends are taken to Temertain. After some clever talking, Temertain announces that they are friends and makes them stay in the palace. Fazzur was ammused.

Estal Donge takes a fancy to Sarotar

Sarotar chats with an Elf in the grove

The Hands are brought out at the banquet, and the Clan magic is used to keep the Dove silent. A fake greeting is used so they are not bound by the rules of hospitality.

The Duel at the Temple of Death

Brandaun called out Heorting to Duel. After a week of preparation, the duel happened at the Temple of Humakt in Boldholm, with many onlookers. Heorting and his friends defeated Brandaun using many unusual tactics.

Off to Boldholm - Fire Season 1618

Heorting and friends got a blessing from the clan to find the Hands. Everyone said that they were in Boldholm, so that is where they went.

The Feast of the Beasts - Sea Season 1618

During The Feast of The Beasts, Heorting became Orlanth and was chosen as a suitor for Ernalsulva. Kalldessa improved clan relations. Erinya helped some ducks. Orlfin hid in the Kings Hall. Sarotar jumped on Branduan.

First quest is recieved – Get the Hands of Hofstaring

King Kangharl is watching


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